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Price (have VAT) : 260,000 đ

Product Species : Box 30 packs
Product Status : Stocking


In the first time in Vietnam, 100% natural birdnest was portified in porrigde which makes a revolutional step on improving nutrition of porrigde. Not only nutrition from bird nest, but YenViet birdnest porrigde also has great taste with fresh vegetables and musroom processed under Japanese-freeze-dried technology. YenViet birdnest porrigde, nutritious from real birdnest, delicious from fresh musroom and veggies.

Porridge: White rice, Jasmine rice.
Seasoning Pack: Salt, sugar, yeast extract (0.8g/50g), shiitake powder (0.3g/50g), soy sauce powder, pepper powder, dried carrot, dried coriander, vitamins (B1, B2, B6). Vegetable Pack: Freeze-dried bird’s nest (0.05g/50g), freeze-dried snow fungus (0.3g/50g). Cooking Oil Pack: Refined vegetable oil, boaro, sesame oil, synthetic mushroom flavor, paprika.

Usage & Storage:
Best when served chilled. Gently shake before using. Store in clean and cool place.