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Through our collaboration with scientists at the Institute of Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering, Nha Trang University, we have developed the YV-PureNest Scientific Quality test process to preserve the marvelous health values and qualities of Vietnam natural bird nest.

For the first time in Vietnam, Yen Viet has pioneered the application of stringent YV-PureNest standards into the production process, ensuring Yen Viet products are both pure and perfectly natural.

Yen Viet has also officially commissioned Intertek - an International Product Testing Unit to independently inspect our product quality via scientific laboratory tests to ensure objective results and to ensure our pure and natural bird nest products meet the quality and food safety standards before reaching you, our valued customers.

1/Selected material

Oats material is sampled for quality testing at Intertek and quarantine viruses pathogenic avian influenza in Animal Health Agency Region VI, raw oats ensure quality, not H5N1, no contamination toxic and truly 100% pure.

2/Manual processing

Completely handmade, without using chemicals. Completely remove harmful substances and preserve precious natural nutrients of oats.

4/Packing & Storage

Modern storage systems, standards. 100% disinfected and Ultraviolet Microbiological. Strict packaging process, strict control of humidity and microbiology.

3/Scientific inspection

Independent testing by Intertek, to ensure raw material and finished product quality standards and safety YV-PureNest food hygiene.